The Anthropocene Spices is an audience engaging, thought provoking and mouth watering speculative art project.

The Anthropocene marks the beginning of a gastronomic revolution. New, humanoid made spices extend how we sense and taste, allowing us to develop and refine what it means to be human. These spices are found in abundance and easy to harvest wherever humans live. They are the new and contemporary green. Even if their colors appear rather different.

The nine Anthropocene Spices are:

1: The Origin
The Origin is the first set of The Anthropocene Spices. The Origin lets you have a taste of some million years of history. 0-taste rice crackers are served flavoured with three unique spices:
RaptorDust (grounded, pulverized raptor tooth, 94-101 million years, Morocco;
CarbonLost (pulverized, carbonized forest, 225 million years old, Madagascar;
Xterra (powdered meteorite, 4+ billion years old, found in north-west Africa).

2: Carpe Diem
Tastes produces on a daily basis in any human home:
Pink Bunny (Dust Bunny extract);
Between the Sheets (aromas extracted from used bed sheets);
Loud (Ear Wax) (food spread made of earwax).

3: Anthropocene Specials
A set of three spices that are unique to the Anthropocene, each with a distinct taste of the Age of Man:
Mermaids’ Tears (micro-plastic nurdles, harvested by hand from Arctic shores);
MadMax’d (dried, pulverized insects gathered from the windshield of cars);
Highway Blend (salts and minerals extracted from the snow on city roads).